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"People are walking around every day of their lives creating their present moment from their past experiences. Until we come to terms with the fact that our behavior is usually defined by our past trauma and the rules of society, we're going to continue living just as we are, which is less than ideal."



Dr. Courtney Tracy, known as "The Truth Doctor" on social media, is a name becoming more familiar in international households each day. As an addiction and mindfulness expert, Dr. Tracy fuses the stimulating intelligence of a research-informed Psy.D. with the honesty of a true friend and the compassion of a loving mother.

From non-profit agencies to luxury high-profile treatment centers to her own community-based adult addiction clinic, Dr. Tracy has been using her talents to develop, run and create space for programs whose mission is to heal the pain, trauma and addictions of others. 

Since obtaining both her license to practice and her doctoral level degree, she's been featured in numerous news articles including Sunrise Australia, Bustle and more. Guest speaking on various podcasts and always leaving us wanting more, Dr. Tracy is currently expanding her social media presence and planning her upcoming first episode of her podcast.

Dr. Tracy holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University.

Dr. Tracy lives in Orange County with her husband and her son and they hope to have another addition to the family soon.

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Dr. Courtney Tracy has over 500,000 followers on her social media platforms combined who look to her for daily mental health support, no-bs psychology conversation and inspiration towards change.


Known for her skilled and comfortable presence both on and off camera, Dr. Tracy has been featured in several media outlets and has provided expert knowledge in various mental health related areas. 


Dr. Tracy is gearing up for her first episode of her podcast set to release in the Fall of 2020. The purpose of the podcast is to provide free mental health insights and education to the public masses.


Witty, connective and blunt, Dr. Tracy's blog is filled with content ranging from anxiety support to trauma differentiation and cognitive distortions. Stay tuned for the mass upload of all of her written content.

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Join Dr. Courtney Tracy in her Truth Seekers Community as she journeys through every aspect of mental health in order to teach you how to find the truth within yourself. Diving into monthly topics ranging from childhood traumatic experiences to why we get so angry at times and how to become self-forgiving, this membership-only community is meant for those who are ready to dive deep into their wants, needs, desires and past experiences to come out stronger, more confident and more seen by both themselves and others for the first time.

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